Durango ~ Farmington Bicycle Tour
The Durango ~ Farmington Bicycle Tour starts in Durango Colorado and ends in Farmington, New Mexico in a point to point fashion. This year its 1/2 payment and 1/2 dirt. Full Tour 50 miles Dirt Tour 30 miles Tiny Tour 18 miles
Oct 23, 8:30 PM
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Ride Options

We host premier events along with custom guided tours.


Neophyte tours

These rides typically range from around 1-2 hours. This is are our easiest line of products for someone who has biking experience but doesn't ride a ton.

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2-4 hour tours

This is for someone who rides more than occasionally and has adequate biking experience.


Shuttle service

Shuttle service only.

Want to get multiple laps in with minimal peddling? Or are you looking for an epic point to point drop off?


Overnight Tours

If you are interested in Bike-Packing or an "Outfitted Camp" on your trip to the Southwest.



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